1.)  What is EMTransfer?

EMTransfer.com is a “Software As A Service” that provides cloud based functionality to the real estate industry to collect, document, and transfer earnest money electronically, removing the need for paper checks and expensive wire transfers.   This is accomplished through an intuitive web interface that is directly integrated with the trust account holder's bank account.

2.)  Who can use EMTransfer?

The users of EMTransfer are Real Estate Buyers, Real Estate Agents, and Earnest Money Holders (i.e. Real Estate Brokers & Title Companies)

3.)  How is Earnest Money electronically collected?

Using our intuitive user interface the real estate agent will set up a earnest money transfer for their buyer.   The buyer is then notified to provide their bank details.   After all the required information is entered into EMTransfer, the earnest money holder is notified when it is time to direct deposit the earnest money.   The earnest money holder will access their EMTransfer account and electronically direct deposit the earnest money in their bank account.  

4.)  Why should you use EMTransfer?

Using the EMTransfer service results in reducing the time, effort and costs necessary to collect and document earnest money from hours to minutes.   In addition, EM Transfer allows Earnest Money Holders to be more efficient and effective in documenting the collection and distribution of earnest money throughout a real estate transaction; resulting in the trust account holder having the necessary documentation to stay compliant with their state's real estate laws.

5.)  What EMTransfer does not do?

EMTransfer is NOT a third party payment processor or a financial institution.   Additionally, EMTransfer.com does not hold or touch any earnest money.   EMTransfer also does not automate the transferring of earnest money.   Only the Earnest Money Holder can initiate the electronic transferring of earnest money using the EMTransfer service.

6.)  Can the Buyer's Earnest Money be electronically returned to the Buyer?

Yes, the Earnest Money Holder can use EMTransfer to electronically return the earnest money to the Buyer if and when that is necessary.

7.)  What documentation does EMTransfer provide?

EMTransfer provide you with several documents that can be used to document the Buyer's earnest money.  

When the buyer provides their bank details we create a Earnest Money Notification that documents the transfer.   This document can be sent to anyone that needs confirmation of how the Buyer will be providing their earnest money.  

Once the Earnest Money Holder electronically deposits the earnest money, a Deposit Slip and Deposit Receipt is created and made available to the Earnest Money Holder.  

We also create Ledger Cards for those businesses that need them.

8.)  Is the Buyer's Bank Information secure?

Yes it is.   When a Buyer provides their bank details to EMTransfer, we immediately pass that information to the Earnest Money Holder's bank.   We do not store the Buyer's full bank account information in our database.   We do store the last four digits of the Buyer's bank account number in our database for reference purposes only.